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Dec 7, 2012 6:00am PST
of their hands and they're down the road. >> there's been technology that says that you could dismantle a cell phone if it's been stolen. right? why don't we have that? >> it's actually the law of the land in australia. here the thing we do prior to that is they also have a gps app on them. i actually participated outside a restaurant the day after the tree lighting, mission station cops tracked the phone with the victim over to 11th and got the phone out of the guys pocket vibrating. >> let's talk about tasers, there's been a debate going on whether to allow san francisco police officers to carry the tasers. >> right. so we're not asking for tasers for all san francisco police officers were asking for tasers for 5% of the department. they're the ones that have been most trained to deal with those that are in crisis and that's pretty much been the best practice in this country that you give it o out to a small group, the most training so that officers don't end up testing out the new toy. >> in san francisco, i don't get it, the opposition is what. i mean, it seems like they say that they don'
Dec 6, 2012 6:00am PST
to buy yahoo, blackberry maker research in motion and seagate technology. just a rough day for apple on a number of fronts. worries that the ipad is losing more ground to the competition. lower sales of higher margin iphones in the current quarter. also, today, apple and samsung are back in federal court in san jose over their ongoing patent battle. apple down 2% today so far. >>> the labor department a big drop in first time weekly unemployment claims. and for the first time in several weeks, the effects of superstorm sandy largely ruled out. the four-week average at 408,000 is still elevated. most of the year we have seen claims around that 370,000 to 375,000 level which suggests modest growth. we get the november employment growth tomorrow. that's a key factor although again sandy will distort the numbers. >>> flat start on wall street. investors still looking for some progress. dow down 1, nasdaq down 1, s&p down 1, as well. apple shares down 1.25%. back to you. >> it's 1s across the board. thank you. >>> the new reality in washington state recreational use of marijuana is now le
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2